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This haul of drugs is believed to be the largest haul confiscated in South Asia.

Sri Lanka customs states that the haul of Heroin brought to Sri Lanka from Pakistan has increased to 250 kilograms.

This haul of Heroin was seized at Customs Clearance when the Police Drug Unit carried out a raid.

This haul of drugs is believed to be the largest haul confiscated in South Asia.

The drugs were seized while being hidden in a container that was carrying Grease Tins.

Speaking to our news team, the director of the revenue monitoring unit of the customs, Mali Piyasena stated that the value of the drugs seized in excess of 2.5 billion rupees.

The Pakistani national who sent the container to Sri Lanka and 3 other Sri Lankans have currently been arrested.

Eight-year-old boy 'weds' woman aged 61 to become one of world's youngest grooms

Babyfaced Sanele Masilela has tied the knot with a woman 53 YEARS his elder.

And the eight-year-old lad wed Helen Shabangum knowing that she was already MARRIED and that she has FIVE KIDS.

Sanele, who is one of the world's youngest ever grooms, said he had been told by his dead ancestors to get hitched.

And his family took the message very seriously - forking out £500 for the bride and a further £1,000 for the big day, which was organized in just two months.

Dressed in a bow tie and tiny silver suit, little Sanele, the youngest of five children, exchanged rings in front of 100 guests and even puckered up for a kiss.

It's already shocked the community in Tshwane, South Africa but the family has defended the ceremony, saying it was just a ritual and not legally binding.

Sanele's 46-year-old mum, Patience Masilela said: "This is the first time this has happened in the family.

"Sanele is named after his grandfather, who was never had a white wedding before he died so asked Sanele to get married. He chose Helen because he loves her.

"By doing this we made the ancestors happy. If we hadn't done what my son had asked then something bad would have happened in the family.

"I didn't have a problem with it because I know it's what the ancestors wanted and it would make them happy."

The widow, who works at a recycling centre, added: "I would say that this is not wrong.

"Sanele was fine and he was happy about the ceremony and it was what he wanted. He was happy to get married and very excited."

Sanele and his bride did not sign a marriage certificate and do not have to live together.

Both have gone back to their normal lives.

Sanele today said he hoped he would have a proper wedding to a woman his own age when he was older.

He added: "I told my mother that I wanted to get married because I really did want to.

"I'm happy that I married Helen - but I will go to school and study hard.

"When I'm older I will marry a lady my own age."

Despite being old enough to be his grandmother, bride Helen, whose children are aged between 37 and 27, was happy with the arrangement.

Helen, who also works at a recycling centre, said: "I'm married and have five kids of my own, but I know that this is what the ancestors wanted - and now they are happy. It is a ritual. We are just playing now, but it is a sign that he will get married one day."

Her husband of 30 years, Alfred, 65, said: "My kids and I are happy.

The builder added: "We don't have problems with it but some of the community members were shocked."



Who is accountable to the critical health condition of H. A. D. Hemamala who is receiving treatment at the Intensive Care Unit of the Colombo South Teaching Hospital, Kalubowila after an unsuccessful Laparotomy (surgical incision into the abdominal cavity)


Consultant VOG Prof. Harsha Seneviratne performed a Laparotomy on Hemamala to remove a cystic mass in the pelvis on April 5 at Durdans Hospital in Colombo. Later she had to undergo yet another operation – Exploratorary Laparotomy within five days, as she had shown several complications after the first operation.

Her condition started to deteriorate after the second operation and in the absence of Prof. Seneviratne who had left the country after the Exploratorary Laparotomy procedure, the doctors who attended on her transferred the patient to the Colombo South Teaching Hospital in Kalubowila 8 days later. According to her family, she was transferred without any request either from the patient or from the guardian. Upon her admission to Kalubowila, Hemamala once again underwent a Colostomy procedure (surgical creation of an opening between the colon and the surface of the body). Since then she has been at the Intensive Care Unit at the Kalubowila Hospital for the last four months and 22 days, in a critical condition.

However, neither Durdans Hospital nor the Consultant VOG Prof. Harsha Seneviratne is ready to take the responsibility for Hemamala’s health condition. Refuting allegations levelled against him, Prof. Seneviratne said that no doctor would harm patients intentionally and claimed that he took all the necessary safety measures at the operation. However he said that if the family is having any issues over the operation they should come to a proper forum to discuss the matter.

“I have met the patient’s husband on two occasions and thought I had a cordial relationship with him on the matter. When the husband was abroad I even spoke to him over the phone. As far as I know I attended on this patient very carefully – the way I attend on all my patients,” said Prof. Seneviratne.

The Manager, Medical Services at Durdans Hospital Dr Ruwan Senathilleke said that there was neither deficiency in their medical care nor has any medical negligence on the part of Durdans Hospital.

“As requested by you we write to confirm that patient Mrs. H. A. D. Hemamala was admitted to Durdans Hospital on April 05 on the instructions of Prof. Harsha Seneviratne, Consultant VOG who had been previously consulted by the said patient at a different hospital. The consultant had performed a Laparotomy for a cystic mass in the pelvis and thereafter an Exploratorary Laparotomy had been performed by Professor Seneviratne along with another senior consultant surgeon on April 10th. Thereafter she had been seen by the above surgeon and another consultant obstetrician and on the instructions of above consultants the patient had been transferred to Colombo South Teaching Hospital on April 18 for further investigations and treatment,” said Dr Senathilleke

He further said, “We must stress that this was a surgical procedure performed by the consultants and during the stay of the said patient at Durdans Hospital. The best possible medical care was given to her and there was absolutely no deficiency in our medical care nor had any medical negligence on the part of our hospital. We have complied with whatever instructions given by the consultants and reiterate that the best medical care was afforded to the said patient during her stay, like in all other cases”.

Further Dr Senathilleke said that Durdans Hospital is not obliged to give answers to the questions this reporter had forwarded for clarification.

Althogh Senathilleke claimed that the patient was continuously seen by her consultant and she was transferred to Kalubowila on his instructions, Prof. Seneviratne confirmed that he left the country after the second operation and he knew nothing about the transfer.

“Yes I left the country for an official matter and did not know anything about sending her to Kalubowila as I did not give any such instructions,” said Prof. Seneviratne. Hemamala had complained of a severe stomach ache three days after the first operation. “My sister who was with my wife had seen a green colour discharge from the incision and had informed Prof. Seneviratne. Although he had first said that it was due to an infection, the hospital and the doctors panicked when my wife got intermittent fever, persistent diarrhea and vomiting. Hence she was taken for an emergency Exploratory Laparotomy. This has done to correct the damages caused to the small intestines during the first operation. However the second operation too was not successful as they could not correct the damaged intestines,” alleged Upali Gunathilake, the patient’s husband.

Gunathilake returned to Sri Lanka on June 9 giving up his floral designing job in UK to be with his ailing wife.

“I was in UK when my wife called and said that there was a cystic mass in the pelvis and had to undergo an operation to remove it. Although she first went to De Soyza Maternity Home, later she decided

to go to Durdans and consulted Prof. Seneviratne. Refusing to go through her previous records, Prof. Seneviratne had asked my wife to get all the reports once again. Claiming that it is a simple operation and the patient would only have to be in hospital for three days, the VOG had said that the entire cost would be around Rs.2 lakhs including professional charges. She was also told that Consultant Obstetrician Prof. Sherifdeen too would be called to assisted at the operation,” said Gunathilake.Prof. Seneviratne however refutes Gunathilake’s claim that he promised to get Prof. Sherifdeen’s assistance at the first operation. “Whatever operation I do, I take the necessary precautions. In this instance I never told the party that Prof. Sherifdeen’s assistance would be taken. Their claim that I had damaged the patient’s small intestines is an accusation as far as I know. Since this incident happened a few months ago, I am furnishing you the details recalling the incident. The actual details are given in the patients diagnosis card which is very confidential. I had to leave the country for an official matter leaving the patient in good hands. I told the patient and her family that I will be going out of the country. She was in good health when I left but I did not know that she had been transferred to Kalubowila as it was not a decision taken by me,” said Prof. Seneviratne. However according to Gunathilake, the simple procedure finally turned serious and had to pay Rs.8.47 lakhs (according to final bill No: PF1120000344 of April 18) for ‘medical negligence’ “If Prof. Seneviratne wanted to get Prof. Sherifdeen’s assistance why couldn’t he obtain it as we didn’t have any objection for that decision? The reason given was that there was no necessity to call Prof. Sherifdeen. However his assistance was sought at the second operation. What we understood was, had Prof. Sherifdeen been present at the Laparotomy procedure, my wife wouldn’t have had to face such an unfortunate situation. He would have been so careful to prevent damages to my wife’s small intestines. If the VOG was really concerned of his patients, he would not have travelled abroad soon after the second operation when my wife was in a critical condition leaving her with Dr R. Colonne and Prof. Sherifdeen,” said Gunathilake. Gunathilake further blamed Prof. Seneviratne for ‘washing his hands off’ by getting one of his students – Dr Aloka Pathirana to take care of the patient by transferring her to the Kalubowila Hospital.

“This is an eye opener to anyone that wishes to admit patients to Durdans for any treatment. The moment they find out that the patient’s condition is getting worse they will transfer he/ she to a government hospital without the consent of the family. How can they claim that they transferred my wife because of the consultants’ decision? Why couldn’t they ask us whether to transfer the patient or not as it was we who are paying the hospital bill not the consultants? For any other issue they will inform the guardian but knowing that the hospital’s ‘reputation’ would be in trouble had the patient died under their roof, she was transferred without our permission,” claimed Gunathilake.

However Gunathilaka is happy as his wife is now in the safe hands of a dedicated team of doctors and nurses led by Dr Aloka Pathirana.

“Even I should thank Prof. Sherifdeen too for his kind gesture. He has visited Kalubowila to see my wife more than six times. Although he was not responsible for my wife’s condition he still had the courtesy to visit my wife to inquire about her condition. We really need doctors of such calibre. Although the team of Kalubowila doctors were able to save my wife’s life, she is still in a critical condition,” said Gunathilake.

He further accused Durdans of keeping his 13-year-old daughter as hostage till the final payment was settled.

“After discharging my wife on April 18 morning, Durdans Hospital delayed sending her to Kalubowila until the final payment was made. Reacting to the inhumane conduct of Durdans staff, my brother-in-law had shouted at them to send the patient to Kalubowila immediately or send her back to the ICU without keeping her in the lobby. Then only they had taken my daughter hostage for more than two hours till the final bill was settled,” said Gunathilake.

Little Sanduni Rashmika described how she was taken to a room to be with ‘an aunty’.

“When I came to the hospital that particular morning with my aunt, I saw my mother in a stretcher and my uncle shouting at the hospital staff. It was then only the hospital wanted my uncle to keep me with them until the payment was made and took me to a room where an aunty was working,” said Rashmika.

However Dr Senathilleke vehemently denies the claim and said that it was the patient’s family that wanted to keep two family members until the payment was settled. “The normal procedure for payment is that all bills are settled prior to the discharge of the patient. However in this instance the patient’s party on their own accord kept two members of their family in the hospital until the payment was settled. We vehemently deny that we had requested a 13-year-old daughter of the patient to be kept as surety until the final bill was settled,” said Dr Senathilleke.

Meanwhile a reliable source from the ICU Kalubowila Hospital on the condition of anonymity confirmed that Hemamala’s present condition was solely due to medical negligence during the Laparotomy procedure. “When Hemamala was brought here, she was in a critical condition. Due to the small intestine leakage, whatever nutrition given to her through the Naso-gastric tube were coming out. As a result we had to open the cut once again and clean the intestine leakages. This will be kept open till the intestine heals. A colostomy bag (a receptacle worn over the opening to receive the faecal discharge from a Colostomy) is now fixed and it is changed every day. The patient’s husband is very helpful and brings whatever medicine we ask him to bring. The hospital too is now running short of these colostomy bags and changing the bag every day would be an issue in future,” said the source. According to the sources, although the patient’s condition has now improved slightly, it is till unpredictable as her blood could clot easily since she has been in one posture for over five month. “There is chance that her blood could clot and she could get either a sudden heart attack or a stroke. Considering this situation we gave her anti coagulants. Since then she is bleeding from the damaged intestines and we have decided to change the drug to save her life,” added the source

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Probe into amputation of law student

The health ministry is investigating the amputation of the left hand of a law student. Minister Maithripala Sirisena has ordered his secretary Dr. Nihal Jayatilake to appoint a committee to investigate the matter.

This committee is headed by deputy director general of health Dr. Ananda Gunasekara.

Final year law student Achala Priyadarshani was admitted to Matara Hospital on January 17 following a broken left hand.

The broken hand had not been plastered properly and as a result, the nerves had got damaged beyond repair.

Three surgeries had been performed on her to remove her left hand.

Appointing Sana would be an issue – Arjuna

He doesn't consider Mr. Sanath Jayasooriya’s appointment as the head of the cricket selection committee as an error but getting appointed to such a post in a very short time would cause problems later says Arjuna Ranatunga.

He said getting appointed to the post is an issue as Mr. Sanath Jayasooriya has not announced his retirement yet.

Arjuna Ranatunga expressed these views regarding the appointment of the new head of cricket selection committee. He said experienced and accomplished cricket players are reluctant to join the select committee due to political interference in the cricket sector.

Parliamentarian Santh Jayasooriya was appointed yesterday (25th) as the head of the cricket selection committee with the approval of the Minister. The term of the selection committee presided by Mr. Ashanthe de Mel ended on 31st December.

Meanwhile, renowned cricket commentator Haritha Perera has said Sanath Jayasooriya would be able to carry out his duties efficiently only if he doesn’t consider his appointment as a political appointment.

“President visited my house with Shiranthi to extend their wedding invitation

My professional charges are very high. Hence I am not given the opportunity to sing in musical concerts and not given programmes in the television channels:”


Although the versatile singer Anjaleen Gunatillake had been singing for almost 40 years, she is yet to perform a solo musical concert in this country. However her first solo musical concert is planned to be held in the month of February this year. The reason she had given the music directors do not offer her assignments as her charges are very high.

She had disclosed that she does not believe in going to ‘boutique’ on behalf of politicians. She had said that she does not possess those low qualities. She had confessed that the President and Shiranthi as close associates had come to her place to extend to her their wedding invitation. She also disclosed that many young singers sing her songs and earn a lot of money. The authorities of television channels do not invite her as a judge in reality shows as her charges are very high. She had complained in that manner.

In this regard she had given an interview to the newspaper ‘ADA’. Some excerpts from this interview are appended below:

After been in the singing field for so long why did it take so long for you to have a solo musical concert?

“As a principle as a singer I do not sing for meagre payments. Hence the organisers of these musical concerts hesitate to invite me. However on behalf of Sri Lankans living in Australia two solo concerts of mine was organised by Fahim Mawjood. He is organising my first solo concert on my behalf at the ‘Nelum Pokuna’ ,Mahinda Rajapaksa performing arts theatre in February this year.”

Today veteran singers prefer to sing in indoor than in outdoor concerts?

“These are stories that are told by people having two tongues. This is a real laughing matter for our people. They will very willingly participate when invited to outdoor television programmes. I too will participate if I am paid my fee.”

New stars are born. But they sing songs of veteran singers?

“When they sing songs of veteran singers they do not attempt to bring in new compositions and new songs nor emerge. The excel singing our songs and earn a lot of money and had bought houses and cars. But they never extend respect to us”.

There are conflicts about the lyric writers?

“I of course never participate in these meetings and discussions. Today most lyric writers and musicians are real rogues. Although they earn a lot, I have not been given a red cent. They have no business to talk about songs. Certain television channels also sell us and earn. They act like innocents. They never invite to judge boards in reality shows as my charges are high.”

Some artistes have become stooges of politicians?

“Really speaking it is me who should go to ‘Temple trees” first. This is because the president and Shiranthi came to my house to extend their wedding invitation to me for their wedding. We have had close links. But still we remain at alms length as artistes, but never go boutique to them. However those who go to ‘boutique’ for them get high posts and other benefits. We never bend down to politicians and become their stooges.”

Newspaper Article by Marlon Vidanapathirana

'Cobra girl' wants Govt. to have Sharia law on her Arab boyfriend

Nirosha Wimalaratne, better-known as the 'cobra girl' told Ceylon Today that she does not want to live any longer as all her dreams of a happy life have been ruined. "I want the government to apply the Sharia law on my Arab boyfriend and punish him, the way they beheaded our sister Rizana Nafeek," she demanded.

The story in vogue during the last few days was about the harrowing experience of the much talked-about 'cobra girl' or the night club dancer named Nirosha, tearfully explained how she had been assaulted and injured by her alleged Arab boyfriend and leaving her unconscious in a roadside ditch, bleeding from several cut injuries. She had later been admitted to hospital by a Good Samaritan.

When we met her at the National Hospital, Colombo to speak to her, she was lying in bed. When asked her "Nirosha what actually happened to you?" the sobbing girl said, "I really do not know what happened to me. All my dreams of a happy life were ruined. Now I do not want to live any longer."

It would seem rather ironic that she also fell in love with a human male of the species, an Arab youth around the same time she regained her slithery pet. When she fell in love with Abdullah al Amari (38) she moved in with him to a Meethotamulla house as his live-in companion. She said, she did so, after obtaining a solemn promise of marriage from him.

Her Saudi boyfriend Abdullah al Amari, a businessman in Pettah area was a libertine, and a die-hard follower of Bacchus, God of Spirits. During daytime, she was a virtual prisoner in his home. Nights were sickening and pure hell, she said. Then they began to squabble. Fighting got worse with the arrival of one Maruban, a relation of Al Amari into the house and both of them allegedly went on alcoholic binges. According to her, she was watching TV while munching on some food at around 1:00 a.m., on 23 Wednesday, when suddenly her lover hit her hard on her right ear without any provocation. Next, both of them started to hit her while one was holding her down. While still hitting, her lover using a sharp object cut her neck. Then he tried to kill her by squeezing her neck. Thereafter, he dragged her outside the house and pushed her towards a roadside ditch. Thereupon she lost consciousness.

"When I regained consciousness, I started shouting saying that I was the cobra girl and to save me from the two savages who were trying to kill me, and my two pet cobras, I don't mind even if I am killed, but my two cobras are more precious to me than my life. I then saw a lady at a nearby house and asked her to save me. Then a crowd gathered and they called the Wellampitiya Police, who came on the scene immediately and took me to the Colombo National Hospital. I am fed up with life now. This is what happened to me when I was looking for a happier life," she said ruefully.

The man who assaulted the 'cobra girl' and caused her injuries has gone scot-free though police are said to be on the look out.

Nirosha Wimalaratne came into the limelight after 28 August last year, when she was taken into police custody at a popular night club in Colpetty with the cobra and was known since then, as the 'cobra girl.' Colpetty Police charged her for animal cruelty and the Fort Magistrate ordered the police to place the cobra under the care of National Zoological Gardens. Nirosha fought back filing legal action and was successful in the end. She then returned to the night club with her cobra companion, on 11 December.

Dehiwela zoo sea lion 'Carl' dies

The sea lion known as 'Carl' which enamored hundreds and thousands of both local and foreign visitors to the Dehiwela Zoo for the past three years, is alleged to have died under mysterious circumstances on Friday (Jan 25) evening, sources from the Dehiwela Zoo told LAKBIMANEWS online.
This sea lion which was brought to the country back in 2009 through the German - Sri Lanka animal exchange programme from the Krefelied zoo in Germany was born on June 7, 2007 at that particular zoo.
It is said by the time of its death, 'Carl' had been 5 and a half years old and sources said that with the demise of 'Carl' they have only a male and a female sea lion left at the Dehiwela zoo.
They further said inquiries will be conducted to ascertain the cause of death of the sea lion 'Carl' before long.

Question papers to be printed in digital system.

Commissioner General of Examinations, Mr W.M.N.J.Pushpakumara, says that, basic measures are being taken to print the question papers in Digital system.

“Accordingly, necessary printing machines which relevant to the new process are being purchased now”, he said.

Through this new system, all processes of the question paper printing are expected to be functioned automatically.

Accordingly, the Staff Officer, who is in charge of the relevant subject, will feed the computer with the question paper, while the question paper will be sent to the printing machine by the computer,automatically.

He has further said that, the question paper will be printed and come out of the machine as a well protected packet. Therefore, the confidentiality of the question paper will be secured, since only one person is involved in the process, which was earlier conducted by 50 persons.

Apple's iPhone disappointment fans doubt on growth

Apple Inc missed Wall Street's revenue forecast for the third straight quarter after iPhone sales came in below expectations, fanning fears that its dominance of consumer electronics is slipping.

Shares of the world's largest tech company fell 10 percent to $463 in after-hours trade, wiping out some $50 billion of its market value - nearly equivalent to that of Hewlett-Packard and Dell combined.

On Wednesday, Apple said it shipped a record 47.8 million iPhones in the December quarter, up 29 percent from a year earlier. But that lagged the 50 million that analysts on average had projected.

Expectations heading into the results had been subdued by news of possible production cutbacks by some component suppliers in Asia, triggering fears that demand for the iPhone, which accounts for half of Apple's revenue, and the iPad could be slowing.

But some investors clung to hopes for a repeat of years of historical outperformance, analysts said.

"It's going to call into question Apple's dominance in the space. It's still one of the strong players, the others being Samsung and Google. It's still a two-horse race, but Android continues to grow rapidly," said Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu.

"If you step back a bit, it's clear they shipped a lot of phones. But the problem is the high expectations that investors have. Apple's conservative guidance highlights the concerns over production cuts coming out of Asia recently."

Apple is forecasting revenue of $41 billion to $43 billion in the current, second fiscal quarter, lagging the average Wall Street forecast of more than $45 billion.

Fiscal first-quarter revenue rose 18 percent to $54.5 billion, below the average analyst estimate of $54.73 billion, though earnings per share of $13.81 beat the Street forecast of $13.47, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

Apple also undershot revenue targets in the previous two quarters, and these results will prompt more questions on what Apple has in its product pipeline, and what it can do to attract new sales and maintain its growth trajectory, analysts said.

Net income of $13.07 billion was virtually flat with $13.06 billion a year earlier on higher manufacturing costs. The year-ago quarter also had an extra week compared to this year.

Gross margins consequently slid to 38.6 percent, from 44.7 percent previously.

"You can't just keep rolling out iPhones and iPads and think that everybody needs a new one," said Jeffrey Gundlach, who runs DoubleLine Capital LP, the $53 billion bond firm. "The mini? What is that all about? It is a slightly smaller iPad — so what? So that is our new definition of innovation?"

"There are plenty of competitors like Samsung and other legitimate competitors like them," added Gundlach, one of the highest-profile Apple bears. He maintains a $425 price target.

Taking into account the drop in shares in Wednesday's after-hours trading, Apple's stock is now down 34 percent from its September record high and the company has lost about $227 billion in market value.

Shares of several of Apple's suppliers crumbled. Chip suppliers Skyworks and Cirrus Logic both fell more than 6 percent. Qualcomm Inc slipped 1.8 percent.

Intense competition from Samsung's cheaper phones - powered by Google's Android software - and signs that the premium smartphone market may be close to saturation in developed markets have also caused a lot of investor anxiety.

Meanwhile, sales of the iPad came in at 22.9 million in the fiscal first quarter, roughly in line with forecasts.

On the brighter side, Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer told Reuters that iPhone sales more than doubled in greater China - a region that Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has vowed to focus on as its next big growth driver.

The company will begin detailing results from that country going forward. Revenue from the region totaled $7.3 billion, up 60 percent from the year-ago December quarter.

"These results were OK, but they definitely raised a few questions," said Shannon Cross, analyst with Cross Research. "Gross margin trajectory looks fine so that's a positive and cash continues to grow. But I think investors are going to want to know what Apple plans to do with growing cash balance."

"And other questions are going to be around innovation and where the next products are coming from and what does Tim Cook see in the next 12 to 18 months."

In an unusual move for Apple, which typically does not respond to speculation, Cook addressed the production cutback rumors at length on the conference call and questioned the accuracy of rumors about its plans.

Media reports earlier this month said the company is slashing orders for iPhone 5 and iPad screens and other components from its Asian suppliers.

"Even if a particular data point were factual, it would be impossible to accurately interpret the data point as to what it meant for our overall business, because the supply chain is very complex," he said, adding that Apple has multiple sources for components.

"Yields might vary. Supplier performance can vary. The beginning inventory positions can vary. There's just an inordinately long list of things that would make any single data point not a great proxy for what's going on," he said.

Apple's initial iPhone and iPad mini sales were hurt by supply constraints, but Cook expects supply to balance demand for the iPad mini this quarter. He also acknowledged that iPad was cannibalizing its high-margin Macintosh computers, but said it was a huge opportunity for the company.

"On iPad in particular, we have the mother of all opportunities here, because the Windows market is much, much larger than the Mac market is," he said. "And I think it is clear that it's already cannibalizing some."

In another departure from tradition, Apple intends to tweak the way it both reports results and publishes forecasts.

Apart from breaking out results from China, the company also will no longer provide a single revenue or gross margin outlook. From Wednesday, it began providing the range it expects to hit, rather than the often-ludicrously conservative estimates that Apple was once notorious for.

The new policy took many by surprise.

"Before people could always ignore the guidance," said Dan Niles, Chief Investment Officer of AlphaOne Capital Partners, LLC. "Apple is telling investors that they need to pay attention to the guidance and you can't ignore it, which is basically what we all did in the past."


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